The ChairSki is made from actual 1950’s wooden water skis, supported by a frame of 100% Redwood for long life. The skis have 3 coats of Marine Spar Varnish for ultimate protection from the elements.

Besides their good looks, they are very comfortable, too! The ChairSki is the ultimate Patio Statement. $499 each at the factory. Order yours today!

1912 Craftsman

Click on the picture to see the process involved in restoring a 1912 Craftsman dining room to its original beauty. This project took four weeks to accomplish and the results were worth every minute!

Antique High Chair

This was the high chair my client’s grandfather used as an infant; they wanted to have it restored for their own newborn arrival.

Several parts (including the tray and the footrest) were beyond saving, so I recreated them. The client wanted durability and ease of cleaning first and foremost, so I gave it 5 coats of glossy Polyurethane. They said it turned out better than they hoped for!

1927 Bungalow Entry Door

This door was an original Mahogany-veneered solid door and very well-made. But years of weather and neglect had destroyed the finish and left the veneer cracked and peeling away. My client had been told the only thing to do would be to replace it altogether… but they really loved it (and the period “peek door”) and wanted it restored to its original condition. So they called me! (I got quite a few referrals from that one.)

Mahogany Arch

This was an unusual project. The client wanted to have the archway between his living room and dining room fitted with a Mahogany arch, similar to one he had seen in a book.

I made careful measurements, and built it at my shop. It required two fittings to get it tight and right. Then I made the pedestal base onsite. It’s made of solid Mahogany with Mahogany veneers, with a hand-rubbed shellac finish.

’51 Ford Wagon Luggage Rack

My friend Albert is a ‘50’s buff. He has a beautiful 1951 Ford Suburban station wagon that he was lovingly restoring, and for which he had ANOTHER idea…

Custom Oak Bookcase

Jeff and Alice are avid readers and had suffered the old homemade “pine-planks-and-nails” system long enough. They wanted a unique, backless, built-in cabinet bookcase. It had to be “knock-down” in case they wanted to move.

The case is made primarily of Red Oak ply, with solid Oak accents and faces finished in hand-rubbed lacquer. A realtor told them it added many thousands of dollars of value to the house, so they may very well want to leave it if they do move…