The Designs Work

From my personal experience, one of the finest and most professional website creators out there. This site was created by The Designs Work, and now you have no excuse to have an amateur-looking site…now you know where to go!

One of the premier sites for computer enthusiasts, with a friendly crowd who are happy to help you with your computer problems (I’m known as “Knothead”, which should give you an idea) and which encourages you to share your expertise. It’s free, fun, and quite entertaining (I’m usually in the “Community” forum, which is non-tech, happily blathering away…)


A site which is similar in concept to TechIMO, but with a tighter, more ‘mature’ membership. The owner, MntSnow, is highly visible there; and he likes to encourage that ‘family’ feeling the site has. Come on in and put your (cyber) feet up!

Both sites give you access to Distributed Computing, which is a method of using the unused cycles on your computer to solve scientific problems like cancer, AIDS, and much more. Do some good for the world! It’s actually easy and pretty fascinating!

(Outpatient Imaging Consulting)

My friend OuTpaTienT (that’s his nom-de-net), shares here an eclectic mix of downright incredible E-Art, Holy Wrants and incongruous, funny, and marvelous links on his site. I recommend you check out his “POV-ray” work, it is truly amazing!

This site will supply reassurance to any parent who fears for the potential of the Next Generation. Although, it may also scare the bejabbers out of those same parents. It’s really up to you. (btw, I’m “Mr.Todd”, and I make a brief contribution here and there.)